Our purses are made with the same obsessiveness as the collars.

It all began 11 years ago.

I had my first child and was going crazy having to carry multiple bags like a pack mule…and looking about as attractive.  I couldn’t find a single purse I liked that could do the job, be comfortable, and still look good.  So I made my own.  I walked into a store in Flagstaff, AZ and the owner there and then offered to buy any pieces I would make.  My first newborn was all I could handle at the time.  However, over the years, the requests to buy each purse I made continued.  Then Big Bad Collars was born.  It was only practical to add them to the Big Bad Collar line.  (I had a very practical need to fund my obsessive addiction to buying beautiful fabrics and leathers!)

(Yes, it is sad but very true.  I need therapy.  My fingers start to itch when I get in the leather shop.  Too many beautiful things that need to be bought.)

(I need help, I really do.  I will meet my end someday crushed by my fabric wall.  At least I will die happy.)

(Yes.  I will be featured on “Hoarders” some day.)

(Renaissance costumes are only proof that hoarding is good.)

(My workroom has been called “Where’s Waldo” for crafters.  And yes.  Yes indeed.  Everyone needs to have several dried artichokes on their work shelf in case of emergency.)

(My husband calls fabric stores “casinos for women”:  Every time he stands in line with me he hears, “I don’t know what happened.” “I don’t know how I spent so much money.”  “I just lost control somehow.”.  He says now you know how men feel in Vegas.)